The most basic and secure form of prepaid card, the customer’s information is gathered and 7-10 days later they receive their card by mail. The card is loaded by a variety of methods, including payroll direct deposit. They may request additional cards for family members and children. Card fees are adjustable to your needs with options from pay-per-use to a single monthly fee with unlimited transactions. We can customize and create any program to meet your goals and objectives.


Payroll cards are an innovative way for companies looking to replace the time and cost of issuing checks while giving the employee the added benefit of a branded card. Employees can have all or part of their pay directly deposited. Employers can save the costs involved with issuing checks and the hassle of replacing them if they are lost or stolen.

Instant Issue

Provide instant access to funds through a registered instant issue card while enabling the cardholder to upgrade later to a personalized card (either online or by phone) that can offer the full functionality of a general spend card. Or issue a card on the spot and automatically have a personalized card mailed to your customer. These options can be provided with customized packaging for retail environments or simply with required disclosures for businesses that deal with their customers face to face, such as in payday loan stores, check cashing, prepaid mobile phones, etc. Instant issue cards are generally more restrictive unless personal information is gathered and verified. Loading limits and the life of the card may be reduced compared to verified and personalized cards. ICE does not issue or allow use of anonymous cards.


Larger companies often use reloadable cards for employee incentive programs, travel, and to control expense accounts. ICE can create any card program to meet the needs of the company while avoiding much of the upfront fees associated with banks and processors today. Prepaid cards are a great way to have your company name seen while giving your employee the confidence of carrying a company card.

International Remittance

Estimates from the wire transfer industry show over $560 billion will be sent home this year by migrant workers, many times to areas of the world where standard bank services simply are not available. Prepaid cards provide a powerful and less expensive way to address this market. ICE enables resellers to maximize revenue from their prepaid debit programs. Our flexible prepaid processing platform, innovative features and industry experience allow clients to create customized prepaid programs for their specific markets while ensuring quality, security and timely delivery.


Branded gift cards have become a mainstream source for retailers worldwide and a common solution for gift ideas. ICE can help you build a program and save much of the time and financial commitment required by all banks and processors in the market today.



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