Automated processes, such as ordering, activation and fulfillment

All processes are easily available and user friendly. Have the ability to access and view current inventory and active cards. Register, activate, and monitor each card within your program for added security and control.

Reporting requirements and structure

Use our suite of reports for daily use and management or we can create custom reports to meet your individual needs. We make it easy to view and manage each card in your program. Monitor transactions for added security and control.

Administrative and access controls

You decide who within your organization will have access and the information they have access to. Easily monitor each employee and see daily reports of card loading, amounts, times, and location for those with multiple retail outlets.

Third-party benefits

ICE customers will have access to partnerships ICE has and those we add on. From card loading services, value added services, and special loan or overdraft programs. A partnership with ICE will give you access to all our services as part of the program and you receive a commission every time your customer uses the card.

Much, much more

With ICE you have the flexibility to define the specific program that will win in your market, but without the costs and time generally associated with custom programs. If you are considering adding prepaid debits cards to your business, let ICE show you how we can help you meet your goals to save time and money launching your product and add extra revenue in the process.


Why ICE?


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